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Aquada Development Corporation, Ltd., is a manufacturing firm. We process agricultural produce into value-added products. We produce shelf-stable food products, process materials, and packaging products, and generate energy using our in-house green technologies.

We design, fabricate and operate most of our facilities.

We buy THREE basic kinds of goods - agricultural produce, waste material (typically agricultural and post-consumer waste), and basic inputs for the production of value-added packaging materials.

We endeavor to buy our inputs from small businesses. Small Business Open Market is the platform through which we do that.

The process is simple:

1) Register here on this website.
2) Read through the items that are up for competitive bidding. Make sure you CAN supply under the terms specified in the bid announcement.
3) Complete the offer form and indicate your best price. (Remember this is a COMPETITIVE bidding process)
4) Ensure that you can deliver at the price and volume YOU indicate in the bidding form.
5) As the bidding proceeds, you will be notified of the LEADING bid for the product(s) in question. You can LOG BACK IN and adjust your offer to match the LEADING bid.
6) At the end of the bidding process, the LOWEST-COST, TECHNICALLY ACCEPTABLE bid wins.
7) The contract is awarded.
8) The bidder delivers.
9) The bidder gets paid.
10) The process begins for the next contract.

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