Aquada Premium Corn Starch (Akamu)

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Aquada premium corn starch is used to prepare a special kind of corn pudding common in Nigeria.

Ogi (or Akamu) is a fermented cereal pudding and popular street food from Nigeria, typically made from maize. Traditionally, the grains are soaked in water for up to three days, before wet-milling and sieving to remove husks. The filtered cereal is then allowed to ferment for up to three days until sour.
It is then boiled into a pap, or cooked to make a creamy pudding also known as Agidi or Eko. It may be eaten with moin moin, akara/acarajé or bread depending on individual choice.

 It's local names include Akamu by the Igbos, Ogi by the Yorubas, and generally Pap in Nigeria.

Available in 1kg, 20kg carton (1kg X20) and 50kg variants.

Ever wondered why pap is one of the most recommended foods for nursing mothers?

Pap contains a high amount of water and some other components that promote easy, an adequate flow of breast milk for lactating mothers. It also helps in regaining strength after suffering from one illness or the other, not forgetting that it is again an easy-to-digest food – a friend to the digestive system.

Pap is one of the easily digestible foods we have around us. It allows your body to easily get rid of unwanted elements and substances simply by increasing the rate at which you urinate. Another benefit of consuming easily digestible foods is that they place less stress on the digestive system and are ideal for convalescence individuals who are recovering from illness.

In addition to the above, people with digestive conditions, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), irritable bowel disease (IBD), or sensitive stomach will find joy in consuming easily digestible foods like pap since they work very gently on the digestive system and rarely cause issues.

That’s why Akamu is an ideal healthy Nigerian breakfast meal.


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